Top Trait Modifier Choices for New Schematics

Use this table to identify suitable trait modifier combinations for newly released wearable schematics given a particular rarity and slot.

This table shows the top choices (up to 5) for trait modifier combinations by slot and rarity using the trait selection methodology described in the Wearable Trait Selection: A Quantitative Approach litepaper. The respective delta standard deviations are shown for each combination (lower numbers are better). Any choices that would negatively impact meta balance (delta standard deviation > 0) have been omitted.

rarity slot trait_modifiers_to_add change_in_rarity_slot_fit_count_stddev
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Top Trait Combinations for New Sets

Use this table to determine which trait combinations fit best together in a new 3-piece set, for set balance purposes. Calculation is done by counting the number of unique wearables each gotchi could equip in a perfectly fitting set (all traits match for set bonuses and wearables). Lesser used sets (for example, sets with a high rarity spread- combining godlike with common wearables, etc) are excluded from the calculation to better reflect the usefulness of each gotchi's current sets.

trait_modifiers_to_add trait_modifier_count change_in_fit_count_stddev
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