Wearables Supply

With the release of the forge, the amount of wearables in circulation is elastic and will differ from the initial distribution amount.

  • Initial Supply - the number of complete wearables upon each wearable's initial release
  • Smelted - the number of times wearables have been smelted, or broken down into its components using The Forge
  • Forged - the number of times the wearable has been forged from its broken down components
  • Circulating Supply - Initial Supply less times smelted, plus times forged. This is the number of complete wearables in circulation currently.
  • Total Count - count of the unique type of wearable (schematics) that have been released
Initial Supply # Smelted # Forged Circulating Supply Total Count
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Circulating Supply By Wearable

name circulating_supply initial_supply timesSmelted timesForged maxQuantity
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